D.I.Y Dreaming of Spring Wreath

March 7, 2015

April showers bring May flowers, but I brought the flowers in March! We had our first sunny and 75 day in a few months, so of course that means it's time for a new door hanging!! So, here's another easy do-it-yourself, from yours truly. 


Ok, so I was browsing around Bealls outlet and on Etsy to see how much a wreath like this would cost to buy or sell. WOW. I was SHOCKED!! Depending on how detailed the wreath was, or which store you were looking at, a nice one cost between $24-$60!!! I made my wreath in 30 minutes for around $12 and even had leftover flowers for a mini matching wreath. Seriously, I'm obsessed with "doing it myself".

Here's what you'll need:


- 2 bunches of flowers of your choice, about 30 stems for a large wreath. I got the purple flowers in a bunch from Walmart for $5.00 and the white tulips in a bunch for $3.00.

- 1 large "nest" wreath. The wreath I used has intertwined sticks that resemble a nest, I found it also at Walmart for $4.96. (I found the mini one for $1.00, but it's not used in this project)

- Floral wire, mine is 26 gauge, and worked well.

- Wire cutters (I did not include this in the cost of the wreath)

How I Made It:

1. First you will need to cut the floral stems a part! Even with wire cutters, this part was hard for me, my hand hurt for awhile afterwords.... It was a small price to pay.

2. Start arranging the flowers by poking them into the intertwined sticks of the wreath, it helps to bend the stems to give them a little curve! 

A few tips for floral arranging:

  •  Disperse colors, try not to bunch similar colors together

  • If you have larger flowers (similar to my pink ones in the picture) use an odd number, so your wreath doesn't look too "heavy" on one side. Try imagining a large triangle placed on top of your wreath and use the large flowers where the corners of the triangle would be. (Geometry, yay)

  • If you're using white tulips or a color that stands out, I suggest using  4-5, one on the top, bottom, and both "sides" (shapes change when you're crafting and circles will suddenly have sides, I realize this may be a new concept to some of you).

  • Refrain from it being too planned out or having a pattern! This is the fun part, mess around and put flowers in and take them out until it looks perfect to you, nothing is permanent yet!! 


3. Once your flowers are just where you want them, cut a decent length of floral wire, and start attaching your flowers to the wreath.



4. To attach the flowers, hook the wire around a stick in the wreath and around the stem closer to the head of the flower and make several twists  with the wire.


5. Cut the ends of the wire off and continue around each flower securing it with wire.

6. You're done! You can hang your wreath directly on a door hook, or you can attach a large piece of burlap (I looped mine around a stronger stick on the wreath and tied a knot at the top) for the wreath to be hung from.






Marisa Just Mae

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