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June 8, 2015

I have been wanting to do an "apartment tour" post for awhile now, I've just been waiting until most rooms were at least 85% complete! Slowly but surely our apartment is coming together. My inspiration for most of this is from Pinterest, with my own twist. Since you typically can't paint apartment walls, I've resorted to wall decals and hanging collages of empty frames, pictures, "K" initials, etc....

I have always loved neutral color pallets, so that is the overriding "theme" throughout our home. Tans, gold, grey, black, and brown are our "go-to" colors for most rooms. However, I like to liven it up with a fun printed curtain and eventually some bright accent pillows and a rug.


Master Bedroom

* We eventually want a King bed, so we registered for King sized bedding and have it on a Queen, I highly suggest doing that to save having to buy bigger bedding (which gets expensive)!!

*I want MORE pillows (Hubby will probably want to kill me because I'm always saying "Those are decorative pillows! Don't squish them!") BUT I want a King bed full of pillows with different textures and in a pallet of colors. I would love a gold sequin pillow and a small black circle pillow and a large square ivory faux fur pillow!!



*This dresser was my $30-one-day project! I love how warm it turned out and it's the "statement" piece of the room! I eventually want a large circle mirror hung above it and some tall candle sticks. I wanted the master bedroom to have a warm, romantic, wedding feel to it. Who says the honey moon can't last forever? ;)



* I am OBSESSED with collage walls! It's my no-measuring dream! I love that there's no rhyme or reason and I can hang something up and work around it without symmetry with different objects and different sized frames!! Ahhhh....
* I clearly need to print another 8x10 for the top black frame, and I hung a little "we do" banner (from our cake topper) under the large portrait frame. Gives more "ebb and flow" in my opinion ;)


* If you want to kill an afternoon, buy some wall decals and design away! I had so much fun deciding where to place the floral design on the wall, and it was easy to take off and move if I didn't like where I put it the first time (which happened a lot). It added a sweet touch inside and I love waking up to something other than a white wall.

Wish List for this room:
- Decorative pillows
- King Size bed
- Dark grey (almost black) shag rug
- Cushioned blanket box for under the window
- Large circle mirror above dresser


Living Room

The living room has a ways to go, but it's feeling warmer and cozier every month! Besides the fact that we didn't even have a couch for a while, I can't complain! For the living room, I would like a modern twist while maintaining the neutral color pallet. I was wanting a POP of yellow, but Hubby isn't crazy about it, so I might settle with a rusty red/orange.


* Above the couch I would like a modern/painted-looking version of the NYC skyline, surrounding it I would like floating shelves with various pictures with family and friends. When we choose the pop of color, I'm going to paint the end table I have in a shade or two darker for more modern look. I'm DYING to make a pallet coffee table, so that's in the works. A patterned rug with our grey/brown/black/red theme would be cool! I would like to get some patterned curtains with those colors too, so complementing patterns would make the room really sparkle!!


* I love our ladder book-shelf! We got it for $40 from WalMart but it was slightly broken when we opened it up. I used some Gorilla glue to fix it because it was the only shelf in the store and I wanted to put it together that night (I'm not the most patient person, obviously...) haha!

* When we moved in we didn't have ANY furniture besides our dining room table and our bed, so we got this little TV stand for cheap off of someone. My DREAM for the TV area is a large cabinet with glass doors. We would love a larger TV at some point, so some more floating shelves around it (symmetrical this time) would please my eyes immensely.

Wish list for this room:
- Patterned curtains
- Floating shelves
- NYC framed painting (black and white)
- Patterned area rug
- DIY pallet coffee table
- Large TV stand cabinet


Bar/Dining Room/Kitchen

* Who doesn't love a little fall decor? Pumpkins, pine cones, pictures, candles and candy (say that 10 times fast)..... All of it make me smile! My goal is that when a guest walks in the door, they feel like it's also their living room, and who doesn't love a little treat now and then??!


* I bought this table off Facebook for $50! It had a pop-out leaf and is so sturdy!
* I love empty frames with letters/initals, can you tell?

*Another infamous wall collage! Our kitchen inspiration is "wine". Kitchen colors are gold and black with a pop of bright red!
* I used gold glitter wine bottles and tissue paper puffs from our wedding on top of the cabinets, and a wine rack that was a wedding gift! I'm kind of obsessed.



Spare Bath- The end of the hallway (on the left) is another full bathroom with a "beach" theme! I forgot 90% of the items for the bathroom at home, so I will have to share pics of it once I get the items from Indiana!


Hallway- My favorite wall....CROSS COLLAGE! (Are you surprised?) I would LOVE if friends and family found crosses for me to add to the wall so every time I see the wall I will notice their cross and think of them and send some prayers their way. That's my DREAM for the wall! The top left one was a wedding gift, I made the middle and top right crosses, and I bought the bottom right cross from Hobby Lobby- they have an ENTIRE aisle of cross decor! ;)


Spare Room/Office
* We have a twin day bed in there currently, so come visit us!! ;)

* Hubby has his desk set-up for a future computer and where he plays his video games!

*My desk is set-up, but not complete quiet yet!

So, what did you think of our apartment tour? Any ideas or suggestions? I would love input or comments! Leave some love!

The Hoosier Peach

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