Marriage Lately

June 8, 2015

It's going on 8 months of being married and changing my life by moving to a new state with my new husband. You may have read my post about the first year of marriage, my surprising struggles, and internal conflicts. With my hubby's impending deployment, I'm taking a sweet look back on the past 8 months and how it's going lately.



Marriage lately means waking up to tickled feet and freezing cold hands on warm skin, and looking forward to it every morning.

Marriage lately is ordering pizza and spending all day watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.

Marriage lately means getting a little too emotional, crying a few too many tears, but never saying "I'm sorry" too many times.

Marriage lately is bickering over leaving the bedroom curtains opened or closed before going to sleep, and then breaking into hysterics under the sheets.

Marriage lately means having limited money to spend, and buying canned soup, Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, and cookie dough.

Marriage lately is being strong when the other is weak, happy when the other is sad, and sympathetic when the other is down on their luck. 

Marriage lately means a surprise cup of coffee on my night stand, messages left on the refrigerator, and entries written for the other in a special journal.

Marriage lately is enjoying each other's hobbies, like being an afternoon golf caddy, or a sudden crafting frenzy on the weekend.

Marriage lately means needing a rental car and fighting over the keys.



Marriage lately is getting the flu and having your socks put on your feet, without even asking.

Marriage lately means being misunderstood, misinterpreted, misread, but never mistreated.

Marriage lately is eye appointments, carefully timed prescriptions, and wearing sunglasses in restaurants. 


Marriage lately means glitter everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

Marriage lately is reminding each other to say their prayers before the other falls asleep.

Marriage lately means spoiling the cat, calling her a brat, and laughing together at her crazy antics.


Marriage lately is giving up the remote when a golf tournament is on all day, and knowing that Monday nights are Bachelor nights.

Marriage lately means random trips to Walmart for things we never really need, and just wasting most of our time in the candle aisle.

Marriage lately is kissing all night; knowing that eventually every good, mundane, or bad day will be spent miles a part, and not wanting to waste another second we have together.



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