Hall Bathroom Makeover

January 28, 2018

This week I'm sharing the VERY first completed room in our house! I have learned my lesson since starting these posts-- and from now on I promise not to wait when it comes to sharing decor findings, because it's NOT SO EASY 8 MONTHS LATER! All the internet stalking in the world cannot bring back some of the things I bought at Hobby Lobby in Summer 2017 (unfortunately). 


Anyways, my Mom and sister Shelby came down from Indy as soon as I moved in to our house with the intent to see the house and help get stuff done. Of course, me being me, "get stuff done" doesn't mean organize the kitchen cabinets (that still need organized), "let's get stuff done" actually meant "LET'S DECORATE ALL THE THINGS". So that's what we did. Well, kinda. We solely worked on painting and decorating the upstairs hall bathroom, which ended up taking 3 days to complete.


I knew I was set on having Sherwin Williams Sea Salt as the wall color in this bathroom, so that made things a bit easier getting started (don't ask how long it took me to pick a living room paint color). I truly love the color every time I walk into the bathroom. I almost painted our master bathroom the same color, except I decided to go with something different in an effort to "branch out" (as my husband tells me I should do more often). 


 After painting the bathroom, my sister and Mom both followed and assisted me as I zig-zagged around Hobby Lobby and At Home for several hours trying to find the perfect floating shelves and shelf decor. 


 Decorating is a funny thing- it never truly feels "done". I always feel like I need to rearrange things or "update" something else. Since I did this project back in June 2017, I had a pretty hard time finding the same things to link in this post, but I did my best to find similar items (or things I like even more now).


Floating Shelves 

No.1 and No. 2 Baskets

Thyme print

Odds and Ends-- either At Home or Hobby Lobby

Black Wire Basket-- vintage store


This little corner of the bathroom is probably my favorite! I love the hooks (similar ones here) with the hanging plants. I'm not normally a "fake plant person" because I just don't like things to look so..... FAKE! But these do their job, and I don't have to feel bad for killing real plants, which would have happened inevitably. 


The white basket was a wedding shower gift from Kohl's, but here is another one I really like!

AND just in-case you really wanted to know, the towels are Vera Wang from Kohl's, and are the best towels ever (even though the husband-who-will-not-be-named washed them with a random HOT PINK towel that we had, so now they all have a light pink hue.... I told him I wouldn't mention that little situation though.....)


Our family has an affinity for all things crocheted- my Aunt Monica crochets stones and jewelry, and my Mamaw crochets beautiful doilies. So when I found this crocheted rug, I threw it in the cart without thinking, and the rest is history. Sadly, I couldn't find this same exact gem, but I did find something very similar!


Last few items to mention:


So Fresh, So Clean print


Thank you for reading- and I hope you found some of the links useful for your own decorating fun! 

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