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February 4, 2018

Are you in a decorating slump? Do you look around your space and wonder where to begin??? Well, my friend, I am here to help! I was once in your shoes, staring at a blank canvas called a house, thinking “Well, this was easier when I only had 4 walls in an apartment to decorate…” But I am here to give you my secret to decorating success. Then maybe, just maybe, everything else will fall right into place (not literally, you may have to pick up a hammer and a nail at some point).


1. What’s Your “Theme”? OK ENOUGH LOOKING ON PINTEREST! I’m sure by now you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused. Pinterest has it all. It seems to open up a never ending wonderland of beautiful things- but it’s time to put those “pins” into action! Do you get “heart eyes” for fring-y, colorful, eclectic items, and mixing-all-the-patterns? Think BOHO! Do you like neutral, rustic, shabby chic? Think FARMHOUSE (it’s ok if you don’t live in a farmhouse, I have come to love and accept my “fake farmhouse” theme). Do you love metallics, framed artwork, black accents, and clean lines? Think MODERN GLAM. Are you drawn to dream catchers, lush plants, beautiful antique pieces, and pops of vibrant colors? Think “FARHEMIAN” (Farmhouse + Bohemian = Farhemian). Grab your “theme” and run like the wind, Bullseye! 







2. Find Your Colors— Be patient, because this can be the most challenging part! You need to pick your paint color pallet (if you can’t paint your walls, consider yourself lucky- white it is!)… if you’re wanting to paint, find the colors that speak to YOU! If you like patterned accent walls, something more dark and daring, or maybe you prefer light and airy, search through paint colors (I used this website a lot), then google the color name to see it in a room. For me, I had the HARDEST time picking out a downstairs color (because our living/dining/kitchen are all open concept). Buy some pints of the color and swatch it on the wall near a window, near the floor, near your appliances/furniture, and at eye level, then be sure to look at it in all different lighting and notice how the color looks at different times of the day (you'll be surprised how much you come to DESPISE a color you thought you LOVED... ahem.... Poised Taupe....master bedroom debacle of 2017....insert eye roll here). Do you have stainless steel and black appliances? Cool toned colors may work best. If you find yourself with brown cabinets/furniture or carpet- lighter warm colors will really make your room pop! Feel free to take. your. time. with this because it will help narrow down your choices when it comes to picking out the rest of your decor.  (Below are my colors-- they are a bit distorted from the app I used to make the collage)

Before (ask my Hubby how many paint swatches I have... at this point it's probably considered stealing): 


My Home Color Pallet: 

Color Descriptions:

Hall Bathroom- Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt

Downstairs (Living Room/Kitchen)—Agreeable Gray 

Master Bedroom—Olympic, Casual Elegance

Master Bathroom—Sherwin Williams, Play it Cool

Half Bathroom— *TBD*

Another one of my favorites is a “neutral-y blue-y greenish-grayish”  (very descriptive, huh?) color that my BFF Laura used in her home— Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. I am leaning towards choosing Oyster Bay for my half-bathroom, when that decorating time comes around!


3. Choose a Room— I’m preaching to the choir here, because you need to choose 1 room at a time (yes, Marisa you need to stop trying to decorate the living room, the master bathroom, AND the master bedroom at the same time and FOCUS because things are getting out of hand). But really, life is much easier when you pick only ONE room to buckle-down and finish. The choice is yours, but choose wisely! I started with our living room since we already had a (brown) couch and a (blah) rug, and because it’s what guests would see the most and where we spend most of the time in the evenings. Think about the wall space you need to cover and furniture you would need to fill it. (Hint: the more furniture you need- the more costly the room will be to finish.) If you already have furniture you plan on using (sadly, the brown couch is here to stay for awhile) arrange it where it works best for your needs. You can use a free Room Planner website to play around (and save your back in the process)!






4. But…. What Do I BUY?!?! Stick to your theme, stick to your one room, and stay “near” your color pallet (warning: pops of color may strike you at any time, and it is OK to give into those whims).  Large/medium walls (6ft and up) need a larger focus items like: large clock, large shelf, piece of furniture, and/or large photos, or a few-medium sized items like: photo collages with floating shelves. Small walls (2ft-5ft) work well for those “statement” pieces- an interesting framed piece of artwork, tobacco basket, a breadboard, a unique dreamcatcher, or an antique hanging mailbox (still kicking myself for not buying the one I found today). 




5. It's Time to Get Your SHOPPING ON! This is the BEST part. It’s TIME TO SHOP.  My motto since moving is (and if you’ve read any of my other blog posts you know this one) “If I like it, then it goes together….” in other words— TRUST YOURSELF. If you like it, chances are, it will WORK. Don’t spend an hour second-guessing yourself, just throw it in the cart and thank me later. Ok, but in all seriousness, if you want new things and want to get the most for your money, you really cannot beat Hobby Lobby. They have a little bit of everything for every style- and most things are usually on sale! If you want to make some quick changes, look for wall decor like large clocks, mirrors, shelves, and canvases. If you’re wanting to fill the room up think furniture like large potted (fake) plants, rugs, stools, chairs, benches, and end tables. If you have patience (I do not), online marketplaces can be a goldmine for various items, especially furniture (shall I remind you of my recent Church Bench saga??) Browse around, buy some things, take them home, and try them out! Have your significant other hold them up for you in 100 different places until you are satisfied. Because nothing is official until you put the nail in the wall (at that point, I’m not allowed to change my mind anymore…. so says Hubby…..)


Browsing around one of my favorite Antique/Thrift stores-- Miss Lucille's, which usually feels like a fun game of "I Spy":


6. My Final Offer— If you’re truly stuck on where to put item and need a second opinion, I will help! Yes- YOU who tells me “Come decorate my house!” I WANT TO HELP YOU! So send me your pics and your situation and I will SUPER-OVERLY-HAPPILY give you some ridiculously free feedback. There’s really nothing more relaxing and fun (in my opinion) than decorating a home, and getting to help you with yours would have a 100% chance of making my day. So e-mail or DM me your “decor dilemma” pics and I will gladly assist however you’d like. Yes. Really.


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