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February 12, 2018

This week on the blog- I'm showing my living room a little bit of Valentine's Day love! I love ALL the holidays (up next-- St. Patrick's Day), and decorating for the holiday's has been SO fun in a new house! My favorite part is the fireplace, which we actually haven't even used yet, but I love to dress it up since it's the focal point of the downstairs.


 Most of these items have already made an appearance at one time or another. I love re-styling the things I already have! The black metal lantern used to have a candle in it, but for Valentine's Day, I dug out mine and Steven's old letters we wrote to each other during his time in Basic Training and put them in the lantern. I'll probably never get rid of my chicken wire basket of pillows, I just love switching out the pillows for the different seasons! And this is the second year for the "tassel tree", which is really more like decorative fake snowy sticks with pink tassels hanging on it, is likely to show-up more in the future, too!


I also dug out and displayed the box that I made (before the Cricut Cutter days-lol) to keep all of the letters from Steven in, as part of the V-Day decor. The 2 & 4 candle holders have no numeral significance, besides the fact that I like even numbers-- lol-- they are from the At Home Store along with the gold lantern, and birdcage. Also in this pic: 


White Basket- antique store

Rustic Ladder

Blanket Scarf ( forever ago)


 Steven got me this cute little picture frame last year for Valentine's Day and I printed out this free printable to clip on it! Do you recognize the gold frame? It's from my Christmas Decor which previously had ice-skates hanging with it. It's the frame that keeps on giving!

I adore this little black chair from Hobby Lobby, however since getting my Church Bench I don't really have a great place for it, soooo it ended up here. It's not the best spot- but we typically don't come in and out of the front door, so it'll do for now. My throw blanket was a clearance find at TJMaxx, and I think I have a small obsession with Holiday themed mini pillows!! This little Happy Valentine's Day pillow is seriously the CUTEST- it has felt hearts that are so adorable, embroidered letters, and some beading. LOVE. IT. 


.......I was about to go into a looooooong shpeel about the curtains- and then decided it basically needs its own blog post..... SO I'll work on that ASAP. Let's just say all of what you see is from Lowe's. 


As for the rug- since Hank basically eats rugs for breakfast, you could say we go through quite a few. I actually feel BAD buying rugs because I know before I found it in Rug Land (aka At Home Store) it was probably feeling super lonely and in-need of a good home, then I come along and buy the adorable Rug and then the Rug gets super happy to have a forever home and to finally be used for it's real purpose.... greeting the occasional guest who wears decent, maybe slightly damp shoes... then it meets Hank and cries out to go back to Rug Land, but sadly it cannot because after .5 seconds of being in our house it already has 23,983 muddy paw prints and it's adorable tassels are being ripped out one-by-one. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I don't get too attached to my rugs because they'll be a goner in 2 weeks and I'll be back to Rug Land to select my next victim. 


If you're still reading this, I love you.


Also, I did not mean for this pic description to become what it has become.... so I'll wrap it up.


Mirror- antique store

Dream Catcher- my Aunt Monica (check out her Etsy shop!)

Lantern- At Home Store


Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to stay-awhile, click around and check-out my new-and-improved site! Happy (early) Valentine's Day! 


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