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February 19, 2018

What's a "Date Box"? Well, I am here to tell you about the little Date Box experience Steven and I tried for Valentine's Day this year. And because I love that you're reading this, I've included a code for $10 off your first box!




First of all, I've tried ALL the boxes (no shame). We have gotten the Bark Box for Hank, I've done the make-up boxes, a wine box, Steven's tried a shave box, and let's not forget those delicious dinner boxes either! SO when I saw this, obviously I wanted to try it. I went to Get Date Box's website and filled out the questionnaire about us as a couple and what type of date we wanted to experience. We are typically laid back and like to share a good laugh together, so I was excited to see what we would get! I read that you can sometimes get coupon codes to do things (paid for when you order the box and usually worth more than the box price) for things to go out and do in your town! Super cool! 

 When I opened the box, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at- thankfully it came with a cute little guide that explained everything in detail. 


The Date Box Guide Book told us what each item was for and even gave us a free Spotify playlist to play during the date! Our box was an at-home Date with a British theme- so the playlist featured British artists and some throwback tunes we enjoyed. We followed the steps- and after our playlist was jammin', we set up the game.


 Not going to lie- I wasn't expecting to like this game. It was a little confusing at first, but once we got the hang of it, it was really fun! There aren't many games that are totally fun for just two people to play together, but this is one I would grab to play again! It was a "Clue" type murder-mystery game. There were 2 roles, the Murderer and the Inspector and Steven and I took turns being each role. Strategy is key, as the murderer you want to try to "murder" 6 people (character cards) before the Inspector finds you, or if you're the Inspector- you want to try to catch the murderer before he murders the 6th person, but you have to be quick! 


The next step was in the book-- Conversation Starters. They were pretty short & sweet, but kept up with the British theme and had us trying to speak in British accents that really sounded more Australian??? haha We don't get out much.


Then it was time for tea and cakes! 

 The tea and cakes came in these cute little containers that I'll probably end up using as decor somewhere in the house. We opened the cakes (there were 4!) as part of our Valentine's Day dessert. We were expecting cake in the truest sense of the word, but cake they were not! We opened the silver wrapper expecting like a Twinkie type cake but they were more of a Whoopie Pie (which became a funny conversation because Steven literally thought I made up the term "Whoopie Pie"- thank goodness for Google). They were chocolatey and marshmallowy and pretty good! We saved the tea because I can't have caffeine past 5:00pm or I'm awake all night, but it came with 2 bags of black tea that I'm assuming is good hot or cold- the book told us to try it like the Brit's do... with milk!

Lastly, we had the Love Notes portion of the date. The Love Notes were located inside of the Date Book Guide to cut-out and use. You're supposed to write the notes, cut them into small strips, and keep them in the tin containers the cakes and tea came in (assuming you ate all the cakes and drank the tea, which we haven't dine) and then you can read them when you need one! We haven't done the love notes yet, but we plan on doing it soon.


Overall I rate this box a 4/5 stars. It gave it a 4/5 because I saw some other boxes that I think I we would have liked better (um helloooo who doesn't want an at-home spa night??). Overall, this was a good one based on the first quiz I did on the website (you can go back and adjust your quiz at anytime). The game really made the box worth it, we also loved having a different tasty treat to try, and love notes are totally right up my alley. Even Steven said he really liked it and wanted to get another box next month (he usually just goes along with things, so I was surprised he liked it so much!)


Want your own Date Box??? Use this link to receive $10 off your first box!


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